Drumming is an ancient indigenous technology that uses the twin realities of rhythm and sound (or vibration) to bring about an alignment of body, mind, and spirit. It offers a natural medium for restoring health and wholeness.

Drumming is also a cross-cultural phenomenon. All indigenous cultures use some sort of drumming in ritual ceremonies. They create synchronistic, harmonic rhythms as tools to get out of the body, to be unbound, to be free to fly like eagles - that is, to experience an altered state of consciousness conductive to happiness and inner peace.


Welcome to Kokomon’s world!  In these pages you will find:

• Information about Kokomon Clottey’s books, music, wisdom and humor!  

• Mindful Drumming, the meditative drumming technique Kokomon innovated and teaches

to help individuals achieve peace, build community, and bring more joy into their lives.

• The multicultural, educational and transformative team-building classes, workshops and events that Kokomon offers.

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Kokomon Clottey was born to the Ga-Adagbe tribe in Accra, the capital of Ghana, in West Africa. The Ga society is rich with ancient codes of conduct, deep spiritual beliefs and awesome rituals of power. Kokomon now lives in Oakland, California. An interpreter of his tribe’s indigenous wisdom and rituals, Kokomon is a bridge between cultures.

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Kokomon incorporates unique Team Building techniques and the profound wisdom of his ancestors Into each Mindful Drumming circle, Racial Healing  workshop and retreat.   

Participants experience:   

•    A new way of understanding and achieving wellness

•    The healing benefits of rhythm and vibration

•    Meditative, transformative Mindful Drumming

•    Highly effective Team-Building techniques

•    Non-judgmental listening, encouragement, and gentle humor  

•    A supportive, safe place to feel free and connect with their joy 


Kokomon received his musical training from master musicians in Ghana, West Africa, the Royal Schools of Music Workshop in London, and at the Dick Grove School of Music. He sings, plays a wide range of musical instruments, and composes his own songs. In 1977 Kokomon came to the United States to share his musical gifts with the world. 

Kokomon is a record producer, and has produced two compacts disks, LOVE IS THE ANSWER and MYSTIC VISION.

Kokomon’s music is now available on CDBABY

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Accomplished in a diversity of fields besides his musical career, Kokomon Clottey is an author and publisher of two books, a valued community leader, and a respected spiritual and cultural teacher for people of all ages, walks of life and cultures. 

Kokomon co-founded the Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC) in Oakland, California, an organization that is recognized globally for its work in racial healing. Kokomon also co-founded an Attitudinal Healing Center in Ghana, West Africa. He is a visiting professor at the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, CA

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The book SELF AS SUPERHERO was inspired by our need for heroes for our children, youth and communities. The heroes are defined as exceptional individuals or beings that inspire, protect, and serve, and taking action for justice for the well-being of the environment, people, and animals.

This multidisciplinary book takes individuals through a journey of self-exploration, family and cultural research, societal assessment, and development of aesthetic tools for artistic creation. This is recreated version of self that embodies superpowers that help create a more loving and peaceful world. The goal is to allow one to stretch one’s imagination for personal growth.

About the Author

Amana Harris is an educator, an artist, and a nonprofit leader. She is a professor at the California College of the Arts and serves as the Associate Director of the Attitudinal Healing Connection, Inc. (AHC) in Oakland. Ms. Harris has led AHC in serving children and youth since 1995 and has created a safe space for local youth to work, take leadership in the community, and mentor other youth. Amana Has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the California College of the Arts and Crafts and Master’s in Teaching from the University of San Francisco. Amana has spent the last fourteen years developing and supporting pedagogical concepts that uplift the human spirit through art, dialogue, and other forms of creativity.    Available on KINDLE through AMAZON http://selfassuperhero.com/home.html  CLICK HERE TO ORDER


This is essential wisdom for today’s world. The same universal principles which have been practiced by indigenous people over millennia, and which I have learned from the ancestors, can be utilized by modern humans to inspire and invoke the unleashing of the human spirit. Those of us living in modern Western cultures can deepen our understanding of the processes of health and healing by embracing this natural path of wholeness and well being.                                                                                       


- Excerpt from MINDFUL DRUMMING by Kokomon Clottey      Click on Mickey Hart’s photo or MINDFUL DRUMMING Book (above) to purchase.

modern application of timeless wisdom

This knowledge is universal and perennial, and is not unique to the Ga tribe [Kokomon’s ancestral tribe in Ghana, West Africa]. It has been experienced and tested by millions upon millions of our ancestors across a multitude of cultures throughout history. As such, the theory and practice of mindful drumming, a modern application of timeless wisdom, can be tested by your own direct experience, along with the ever-present possibility of inspiration from your own ancestral knowledge.

photo © Marguerite Lorimer

photo © Marguerite Lorimer

Kokomon’s Music is now available on 
WWW. CDBABY.COM http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/KokomonClottey

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