In order to create a safe container for this sharing, Kokomon always starts each Racial Healing Circle with thirty minutes of community drumming. This means that all participants follow a simple series of rhythms, led by Kokomon. This is done to build community and to reconnect everyone to the ancestors, allowing participants to transform the ancient pain of mistrust and misunderstanding into hope and love. This helps participants to more fully express our beauty and goodness as human beings.

The participants in Racial Healing Circles have confirmed that by drumming together first, they come to experience a sense of deep connection with the other members of the circle even before the verbal interactions begin. Out of this sense of connection and community, they report that they are able to share deeply their intimate experiences with the other people in the circle, even those they may have initially mistrusted out of preexisting judgments or a fear of being judged.

Through the circle of unity, created by the power of drumming mindfully together, participants are able to explore their deepest wounding around highly charged issue of racial relations with others from different backgrounds. This is a profoundly healing experience.

Deep listening in the beauty of nature at the annual Unleashing the Human Spirit Retreat     








Each year Kokomon and Aeeshah facilitate a transformative, joyful, heart-opening weekend of ceremony, learning, acceptance, healing, artistic expression, healthy eating, drumming, listening and sharing.

Grounded in traditional Native American Lakota and African wisdom, the retreats take place in late June each year at the beautiful Quaker Retreat Center in Ben Lomand, California (in the Santa Cruz Mountains).

Participants experience strong connections with their heart, goodness, and inner vitality during this peaceful and rewarding 3-day session of deep inquiry, mindfulness, compassionate listening, and creative processes.

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Facilitated by Kokomon Clottey, Racial Healing circles, participants share some of the deepest and most painful aspects of the racism and racial fears engendered in the American culture.



Join Kokomon in creating peace in your heart, mind and community.

Mindful Drumming is an amalgamation of modern thought, Eastern Spiritual Principles and Ancient Indigenous Wisdom.

Experience Mindful Drumming as a tool for the building of community, increasing creativity, harmonizing relationships, healing broken hearts, and experiencing joy.

Each event offered is designed to bring the drum back into the center of community, by bringing diverse groups together to do the heart work that is needed to heal the wounds of separation, fear, and hatred.

Participants learn how to utilize the twin concepts of rhythm and sound as a way of raising awareness and consciousness for a rich experience of joy and peace.

All events offered are multi-dimensional in scope: entertaining, inspiring, healing, transformational, educational, unleashing of the spirit, as well as community building.

Some events offer CEUs for MFTs and LCSWs.

Drums are available on a first-come basis available. For more information contact Kokomon.

Awakening the Feminine

Walk with the Great Mother!

New Team-Building Techniques

How to create productive work environments and increase profits through deep inquiry and Mindful Drumming.

Ancestress/Ancestral Healing

Learn how to let go of old, negative attitudes. Access the healing that is transferred from the Ancestors!

Discovering the Fountain of Youth

Experience your own peak flow by tapping into rhythmic medicine: mishe (happiness) is the way to opening the portals of youthfulness!

Custom Weave your own Workshop

Discover the art of connecting with your inner teacher and learn how to extend this wisdom gain to others. This is an opportunity to take part in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling a vision.


Mindful Drumming for Community Building

This workshop is designed to bring the community together. Mindful Drumming comes from the twin concepts of rhythm and vibration. It taps into the wisdom of our innate connection with the arts and creates the opportunity for inquiry. It encourages the art of deep listening and being present in the Now. Mindful Drumming opens the doors to harmonious relationships.

Diverse Views

This workshop creates the opportunity for diverse groups to share their innate desire to heal wounds in the heart of diversity. Participants learn how to look at the global village with a neutral lens, to explore rhythmic mutations, permutation, and combinations in relations to multiculturalism.


Mindful Drumming

Synchronistic Meditative Drumming

When:   Last Friday of Every Month

Time:   7:30 - 9:30pm
Location:    3278 West Street Oakland CA

Facilitated by Kokomon Clottey


Racial Healing Circles

When:   Last Wednesday of Every Month

Time:   7:30 - 9:30pm

Location:   3278 West Street Oakland CA

Facilitated by Kokomon and Aeeshah Clottey


Mindful Drumming at the annual Unleashing the Human Spirit Retreat     

Mindful Drumming at Spirit Rock Meditation Center  

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