COMMUNITY IS IMMUNITY -  title from quote by Stephen Cherniske, Master Scientist

The timeless wisdom of my people teaches that we cannot find true happiness and peace in isolation. Unleashing the human spirit always involves, on some level, inclusion of our family, friends, and the larger community. Community spirit is a potent catalytic element that inspires love and happiness, trust and respect, self-esteem and high morale, caring and sharing, compassion, and a deep sense of ecumenism (that is, the appreciation of the wisdom available from diverse sources).



Community is the spirit,

the guiding light of the tribe,

whereby people come together

to fulfill a specific purpose,

and take care of one another.

Community is the grounding place

where people share their gifts

and receive from others.

  - Sonofu Some, Welcoming Spirit Home



Experience the Joy of



Synchronistic Meditative Drumming

for Team Building and Personal Wellness

Led by Kokomon Clottey

3278 West Street

Oakland, California



MINDFUL DRUMMING led by Kokomon Clottey around the campfire at the Annual Unleashing the Human Spirit Retreat

photo © Marguerite Lorimer


The characteristics of community spirit

brought on by drumming in a group include:

•   Commitment

•  Trust


   Love and Happiness



•   Authentic Power




DRUM! with Kokomon’s CD Mystic Vision music. You will need QuickTime to see this movie. Click here for a Free Download.



•  It took me a while to learn the instrument at first; I'm curious what else I'd find out about myself once I become good at drumming.

•   We searched for a common voice through the rhythms that we'd created together. I felt mystifying sensations in the midst of methodical beats. Every once in a while I could sense each participant's effort to connect as one, although I never understood the objective very well.

  Drumming was physically demanding for me. I like the way Kokomon smiled at us and spoke to us in a very gentle manner.  All I did in the beginning was to try very hard to replicate Kokomon's tempo; I felt gratified when our rhythm finally became one big pulse.

•   It's hard for me to forget the mystic feel of “oneness” of the group. I didn't realize that we'd drummed for a solid half an hour. Except for a few minutes during which my mind wondered off and thought about my work, I stayed focused on drumming.

•   Kokomon and his wife made me feel very welcomed. I was very happy to have met them. 

•   I had so much fun in the session and I remember it very well. I felt that the group had become one cohesive unit as we drummed. 

•   It was amazing that a simple instrument could express such diverse mood. 

•   The whole experience was very enjoyable for me. Kokomon is such a wonderful person; I'm his big fan!

•   Sensation became razor-sharp as we drummed to the steady rhythm.  It was an amazing experience for me.


•   I felt gladness while we drummed together.

•   It was a mysterious experience for me. I could sense “oneness” as we drummed together. My hands were very tired after the session.


•   Each beat connected our minds. I thought no other thought but drumming while I was there. It was soothing.


•   I had so much fun. I struggled to keep up with the others at first, but it didn't take us long to create one harmonious beat.



•   I thought that our only purpose of the session was to drum at steady beat in unison. I learned quickly it was lot more difficult than I'd ever imagined. I had to watch every movement of Kokomon's hands, worried that I'd make mistake and spoil it for everyone. I think that I somehow managed to avoid any major mistakes, and I felt accomplished at the end of the session.

•   I could sense the “connection.” I felt connected to the others through the even beat of drumming; it was very comforting.

•   I noticed that my hands were tired after the session; I considered my tired hands a symbol of my effort to connect to the others.


The comments below are from a group who came to America from Japan and experienced MINDFUL DRUMMING with Kokomon Clottey

• Joy of making music together that musicians experience must be similar to this exercise.  I'd never even touched a drum like this before; it was a valuable experience for me.

•  I felt an indescribable sensation while I drummed. I felt connected to the people around me; I liked the experience.

•  I'd never understood how drumming would awaken my senses and motivate me to think about myself.  It was a completely unexpected experience for me when I started to notice that my perception had begun to change through pulsating rhythms and powerful sound.

photo © Marguerite Lorimer

photo © Marguerite Lorimer

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